Important Notice – 5th May

5th May 2020

Dear Parent(s),

I hope that this note finds you all safe and well. At this stage you have received numerous notes from myself about how we are structuring work for our pupils so I won’t go back into all that information again! Just a few quick points to note below:

  • Today, May 5th, marks the feast day of our founder, Blessed Edmund Rice. Last year we had a fantastic time celebrating Edmund’s feast day in the school. Teachers put on a wide range of activities for the pupils to try out and most importantly, enjoy! To finish off the day all of the boys got an ice cream cone!! How times have changed! Attached with this email you will find a note which has different activities that your son may try to mark the day. Please send your work to his teacher when he has completed the activity. We would love to see them!
  • The staff in our school are here to support you during these difficult times. If we can help in any way at all, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Teachers have set up many different ways of communicating with you. Some of these ways include phone calls, website, text messages, emails and the use of educational platforms such as Seesaw or Class Dojo. We would really encourage you to sign up to Seesaw or Dojo if you haven’t done so. We really appreciate your engagement with us on this distance learning journey and your sons are doing wonderful work.
  • Teachers may provide project work/ challenges for your son to complete. This week we have also attached a ‘Draw Our Heroes’ art activity which we would encourage you to try. As mentioned above, we would love to see some of the finished projects/challenges. Please send via email or better still, using Seesaw or Dojo.

As we celebrate Blessed Edmund Rice’s Feast Day today, I feel that now more than ever is a most appropriate time to praise your sons for the tremendous resilience, compassion  and courage they are showing in such difficult times. Please reassure them that if they don’t get all/some of the work done that they are not to worry. We totally understand. I wish you all well for the week and stay safe.

Yours Sincerely,

Niall Bergin



Below are some important notices for your attention during the school closure.

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