Green Flag

Green School

Our school is very proud of its Green School Status and the beautiful green flag which flies proudly in front of the school.

We began the Green Schools programme in 2010. The green schools programme is a leading international environmental education programme which promotes environmental action and awareness raising, all working towards creating a sustainable future.

To date we have achieved 4 green flags for different aspects of environmental work carried out by our pupils and led by the Green schools committee.

These 4 flags were awarded for our litter and waste conservation measures, energy conservation, water conservation and promotion of greener ways to travel to school.

Our Environmental aims are to promote:

  • waste reduction by Reducing, Reusing and Recycling
  • lowering our energy consumption
  •  reducing  water wastage
  • Promoting greener ways to travel to school such as walking, cycling, park and stride and carpooling.

In 2016 we were awarded the title of ‘Water School of the Year’ for The Southern region of Ireland and were selected as one of the top 4 schools in Ireland for our work on water conservation. We are so proud of all our efforts to date.

We are currently working towards our 5th Green Flag for the theme biodiversity which involves raising awareness, protecting, promoting and fostering natural habitats around our school.


Our green schools committee is made up of representatives from every class who oversee the implementation of the green’s schools programme in our school.  We take our environmental work very seriously and even the smallest efforts can go along way in helping our environment and in promoting a sustainable future for everyone. 

Green Codes Composed by our pupils

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