Important Notice – 27th April

27th April 2020

Dear Parent(s),

I hope that this note finds you all safe and well. I’d just like to bring the following points to your attention.

  • You will find attached in this email work for your son for the week. Teachers have the work broken down into the 5 days of the week so I would encourage boys in so far as possible to try and stick to the timetable provided. I know that everybody’s set of circumstances are different and the message has always been do your best to get the work done but we do understand that this may not always be possible. It goes without saying that health and wellbeing are number one in these challenging times.
  • Teachers may send out worksheets for the boys to complete as part of their work. We understand that you may not have a printer but some worksheets may be quite easy to take down in a copy and do the work from there. We also acknowledge that some boys may have left books in school. All of the publishers have granted free access to their books online.
  • As mentioned numerous times, teachers would like to see how boys are getting on with their work and provide feedback where possible. We feel that this is extremely important particularly in keeping the boys motivated. Instead of sending on every piece of work we suggest that boys send work that they are particularly proud of or work that they found challenging and may need a little bit of help with or possibly reassurance when doing it. There are two ways to contact teachers with this work –

1. Email the work to your son’s teacher’s email address.

2. Teachers have set up educational platforms such as Dojo or Seesaw. You may have received passcodes to access these platforms from teacher. I’d really encourage you to follow the steps to setting up either platform( teacher will specify which one). See more in teachers’ notes.

  • Teachers may prescribe project work or challenges for the boys to complete. We would love to see these finished projects or challenges. Feel free to take a photo and send to teacher!
  • During these unprecedented times it is important that boys get outside, exercise and get some fresh air. Just a reminder about Donna Dunne’s fitness classes on Facebook at 12pm daily and TJ Reid’s classes on Tuesday and Thursday at 12pm again on Facebook.
  • If you we can support your family and son in any other way please contact us. You can email the school on or myself on

All of the above is to help your son’s learning. We are trying to keep some sort of a routine going for everyone. I can’t stress enough that the health and safety of every person in our school community is of the utmost importance right now. With this in mind I hope you all have a safe and positive week. Take care.

Yours Sincerely,

Niall Bergin



Below are some important notices for your attention during the school closure.

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