Parents’ Council

The school has a long – established Parents’ Council that has given huge support to the school throughout the years. The general aims of the Council are:

  • To encourage a programme of activities to encourage the involvement of the parents in the school.
  • To foster educational partnership between home and school.
  • To represent parents’ interests.
  • To provide support for teachers.
  • To promote the development of the school and its facilities.
  • To advise the Principal on matters relating to the school.

The Parents’ Council welcomes new members each year and informs parents of their activities through the school newsletter.

The members of the Parents’ Council are:

Niall Bergin Principal
Sandra Butler Chairperson
Thomas Cunniffe Teacher Representative
Joan Carlos Belenguer
Sueann Brett
Margaret Claffey
Charmaine Dell
Anna Janicka
Patrick Kealy
Carolyn Leahy
Lada Navratil
Susan Quigley
David Ryan
Reem Satar
Khan Shahzad
Cara Tuohy
Lisa Walsh

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