Code of Behaviour

Aims of Code of Behaviour

The Code of Behaviour aims to achieve three things:

  1. The efficient operation of the school and the structuring of in-class discipline so that there exists an efficient and stimulating learning environment.
  2. The maintenance of good order throughout the school and respect for the school environment.
  3. The development of self- discipline in pupils based on consideration, respect and tolerance for others.


Scoil Iognáid de Rís is a Catholic Boys School inspired by the charism of Blessed Edmund Rice and the traditions of the Christian Brothers. It is a community of staff, pupils, parents and management. We endeavour to promote a school ethos where all are treated with respect, understanding and dignity. We believe that staff and pupils are entitled to:

  • enjoy a happy, orderly and safe working environment.
  • derive maximum benefit from all educational opportunities without interference from others.
  • have their property treated with respect and care.
  • teach/learn in a safe, well disciplined, secure, disruption-free environment, and to be treated with due respect

Positive Discipline

We acknowledge that the majority of our pupils are well behaved and give of their best throughout the school year. They are co-operative, diligent, courteous and enjoy school life. In an attempt to reward their endeavours, while also encouraging those less well motivated, a positive disciplinary system is being set in place in our school.

The full text of the Code of Behaviour is available here.