Lego Club

Due to Covid restrictions the CBS Lego Club is not currently running but we hope to see its return in 2022.

                 Lego Construction Club     

CBS Lego Construction Club challenges vary term to term, but some of the group design briefs completed were; 

Zip Line Challenge – will your mini fig survive?? 

We discovered how zip lines work, how they are designed and what science connections are necessary for engineers to safely build zip lines. 

Another very popular part of Lego Club is Challenge Week. Members complete many timed and varied tasks e.g. something that flies, build an igloo, an animal, something you eat and even a musical instrument, to name a few.  

While some club sessions are based on group work which incorporate team work, communication and social skills. Other weeks are individual based. Throughout all sessions, members will strengthen mathematical thinking, spatial intelligence, hand eye co-ordination, fine motor skills, turn taking and problem solving.

The members design, create and build amazing models to an extremely high standard. But while developing these important life skills, ultimately they are having fun, building their confidence and self-esteem. 

One thing is for sure the future of engineering, science and creativity is extremely bright and in safe hands with the CBS boys leading the way!!!!