School Uniform

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School Uniform
The full school uniform consists of the following items:

  • CBS School Jacket.
  • Maroon V-necked jumper with CBS crest.
  • Cream Shirt.
  • CBS tie.
  • Grey trousers.
  • Black shoes (must be worn with the school uniform.
    Do not wear runners with the school uniform).

School Tracksuit/Gear
The school tracksuit/gear consists of the following items:

  • CBS tracksuit.
  • CBS Polo Shirt.
  • Runners.

Pupils must wear the school uniform at all times unless otherwise informed.

  • The school tracksuit does not take the place of the school uniform and is only worn for PE and at other times when requested by the class teacher.
  • Runners are only worn with the school tracksuit.

The above items are supplied by:

Hennessy Sports, Newpark Shopping Centre (school uniform, school coat, school tracksuit, sports gear).
Pauls, High Street (school uniform and school coat).