School Calendar

SCHOOL  CALENDAR   2022 – 2023

Tuesday, 30th August:Re-opening after Summer holidays. Closing at 12.30pm.
Monday, 31st October – Friday, 4th November:Mid-Term break (1 week).
Monday, 7th November:Re-opening after Mid-term break.
Wednesday, 21st December:Christmas holidays. Closing at 12.30pm.
Thursday, 5th January:Re-opening after Christmas holidays.
Monday, 6th February:St. Brigid’s Day (School closed).
Thursday, 16th – Friday, 17th February:Mid-Term break.
Monday, 20th February:Re-opening after Mid-term break.
Thursday, 16th March:School closed.
Friday, 17th March:St. Patrick’s Day. (School closed)
Friday, 31st March:Easter Holidays. Closing at 12.30pm.
Monday, 17th April:Re-opening after Easter holidays.
Monday, 1st May:School closed.
Tuesday, 2nd May:School closed.
Monday, 5th – Friday, 9th June:Mid-Term break (1 week).
Monday, 12th June:Re-opening after Mid-term break.
Friday, 30th June:Summer holidays. Closing at 12.30pm.

Considering the current circumstances, this calendar is subject to change. The Department of Education may decide our calendar for the school year 2022/2023. We will inform you as soon as we possibly can if there is to be changes.